Social Responsibility

Rama University understands the responsibility of an educational organization towards promoting a sustainable development and producing socially responsible graduates.


We have employed the social initiatives as an integral part of our functioning at all our colleges. Our social initiatives are the gestures reflecting our commitment to operate in an environment friendly and sustainable manner where we pursue our social and economic goals as one.

Rama’s Social Responsibility Strategy

We have included social responsibility as an indispensable part of all our functions comprising education as well as research. Our strategy for social responsibility includes following actions:

  • Socially aware graduates

    We include social responsibility as an active agent in our teaching methods. This approach has resulted in graduates who are considerate towards their social, ethical and environmental responsibilities.

  • Research with a concern

    We carry on the research work that not only fulfills the intent of the project but also addresses the major issues being faced by the 21st century.

  • Appealing community

    We undertake various programs wherein we engage with the community members. These initiatives are in the form of health check-up camps for the people around the university campuses along with affordable health care services at our health care centers.

  • Responsible processes

    We promote a responsible attitude among our students. They are encouraged to adopt eco-friendly measures such as switching off the electrical equipments while leaving the lecture hall or hostel facility, saving water and planting trees.

  • Environment Sustainability

    Our teaching and research activities are based on our commitment to environment sustainability. We conduct our research activities in compliance with the minimum legal requirements, addressing our competitive interest as well as interest of the society and environment.