Welcome readers!

Welcome readers!

It is an honour to have you here. Since it is an introductory blog- we take it as an opportunity to introduce Rama University before you all.

Rama University is a pioneer Indian university recognised by UGC (University Grants Commission). About to complete almost two decades of meritorious service in the field of higher education, the university is now emerging as one of the leading multidisciplinary university in India. The university has two campuses one in Delhi-Rama NCR and another is Kanpur region. To know more about Rama University click here .

Previously known as Rama Group of …

5 Things to know about Digital Marketing Career in India

Digital marketing is process of selling your products or services on the internet using digital technologies. It has taken the world of marketing by a storm and it will stay strong in the time to come. If you are wishing to explore career opportunities in the world of digital marketing, here is your quick reference guide to help you decide.

1. What does a digital Marketer do?

A digital marketer is a key person in the organization who is responsible to manage the brand presence online and enhance its reach and visibility.

There are 3 main aspects that affect the …

Blog Marketing Wunder: Denn man Verkäufe zu Einem Geschäft anhand einen Blog holt

Immerzu mehr Unternehmen nutzen Blogs als Bruchstück ihrer Marketingstrategie. Warum? Blogging bietet solchen frauen die Möglichkeit, mit ihrem Publikum darüber hinaus Verbindung abgeschlossen treten, was den Goodwill fördert, was wiederum allen Umsatz steigert.

Marketing über Bloggen

Es ist natürlich nichts, was Sie seither geraumer einen blog erstellen Arbeitszeit nicht mehr gehört haben. Bloggen hat für Aufsehen gesorgt. Es zusammen sich in der Tat schnell voran verbreitet. In den frühen Tagen sieht sich als Blog alleinig ein persönliches Online-Tagebuch. Das ist ein Platz, um seine Gedanken über veröffentlichen, Kriterien zu sammeln und abgeschlossen teilen, die man bemerkenswert findet. Es ist ein …

In what way to select a really productive Alternative Data Room

It stands to reason that in our generation, there is the large multicity of virtual data room providers. Basically, the main part of them are quite primitive and plenty of corporations complain that it is hard to pick the Due Diligence room which can suggest something more than storing materials. Hence, we made up our minds to tell you what details to think about in order to find the up-to-date Secure Online Data Room and not to make a mistake.

  • Do you collaborate with many customers and they work with diverse document formats? Do your investors come from other nations?

Career – If opportunity doesn’t knock, Frame a door!

Career is something that will define you and this definition is something which makes career an important part of  everyone’s life. The professional aspect comes into the picture, where you are definedrecognized and respected by the profession you do. Career planning is the continuous process of thinking about your interests, values, skills and preferences, exploring the life, work and learning options available to you and ensuring that your work fits with your personal circumstances.

Stick to a career and be sure what success means to you and lighten up your inner fire, here are the following tips to …

Get A Job Or Start A Business ? It depends upon your own Risk

“Starting your own business is like riding a roller coaster. There are highs and lows and every turn you take is another twist. The lows are really low, but the higher can be really high. As long as you going your way just think BIG. Any time is the great time to start your own venture. Running your own venture is embellish, where you get to be your own boss. Being your own boss you have to soon accept the unexpected expenses and hassle decissions to make in favour of your venture.

At the beginning it seems “This is Fun” …

World’s Renowned Physicist Stephen William Hawking Passes Away At 76

We are into deep sadness. The great scientist passed away on 14th March 2018. He truly was a great scientist and an incredible man whose legacy will live on for many years. William Hawking’s courage, brilliance and humor inspired people across the world. He was a theoretical  physicist, cosmologist, author and director of research. He is famous for his groundbreaking work with black holes and theory of relativity. He was the author of several popular science books including “A Brief History of Time”.  It was on the best- seller list for a record 237 weeks on the British Sunday

Workshop on Anti Ragging-On 18-Dec- 2017

Rama University, Faculty of Dental Sciences conducted a Workshop on Anti Ragging in Rama Dental College, Hospital & Research Centre, Lakhanpur,Kanpur on Monday 18th December, 2017. The workshop was formally inaugurated by Honorable Chancellor of Rama University, Dr. Suraj B. S. Kushwah, Dr. Anu Singh, Director, Rama Dental College,  Dr. Janardhana Amaranath B.J, Principal Rama Dental College and Dr. Anil Kohli, CDE Convenor, Chief Guest of workshop – Dr.Chandresh Kumar Shukla, DCI Member and Shri Naveen Kumar Singh (PPS), Circle Officer, Kalyanpur.

Principal, Dr.Janardhana Amaranath B.J gave the welcome address, and Shri Naveen Kumar Singh (PPS) gave his opinion …

Information About Autonomous Car – Waymo

On the onset of winter break, on December 23, Google announced its first totally practical driverless
Automotive, which is prepared for testing on public roads. Prior to this, the Internet big developed varied prototypes that lacked on totally different elementary and practical aspects. Google’s self-driving car project got associate official name, Waymo LLC, and became a stand-alone business unit among the Alphabet Iraqi National Congress. empire, signaling that the effort can before long be expected to get revenue.

The project was first run by Sebastian Thrun, who based Google X and served as a vice president and
fellow there. As …


Life sciences and biotechnology are the key areas to boost the growth of industrial sector and also to make the agriculture sector sustainable. The need of it is, the solutions are found for better health, environment, sanitation, exploration and exploitation of aquatic and marine resources, through knowledge economy. It is era to develop devices, products, processes and tap bio-diversity and utility of traditional knowledge for the holistic development through affordable technology. With help of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and knowledge generation, challenges in technology frontier can be addressed by bringing excellence and innovation through research and development. Vast opportunities …

Techniques for more Effective Brainstorming

Often Brainstorming is regarded as an influential team method for creating new ideas, solving problems, and motivating and developing teams. It prompts collaboration because it involves team members in larger organizational and management issues and gets a team going with each other.

When to Use

Commonly, brainstorming is useful for creating a cross – fertilization of ideas when new ideas are required, and there is a need to generate a large list of possibilities. It is also useful for teams working to solve particularly inflexible problems where answers cannot be logically deduced and full assessment or lateral thinking is needed.…