Welcome readers!

It is an honour to have you here. Since it is an introductory blog- we take it as an opportunity to introduce Rama University before you all.

Rama University is a pioneer Indian university recognised by UGC (University Grants Commission). About to complete almost two decades of meritorious service in the field of higher education, the university is now emerging as one of the leading multidisciplinary university in India. The university has two campuses one in Delhi-Rama NCR and another is Kanpur region. To know more about Rama University click here .

Previously known as Rama Group of Institutions, Rama University offers a wide assortment of technical, medical and professional courses under the umbrella of 12 dedicated faculties and schools such as Faculty of Medicine Sciences, Faculty of Nursing etc. to name a few. At present the university is offering 100+ programmes in the field of Engineering, Medical Sciences, Management, Journalism and Mass Communication etc. at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD levels. To know more about courses offered at Rama University, please click here.

Why this blog?

It is an interesting question you might have in your mind that why a university blog? Isn’t there is a lot to read in the class room, library, website of course- then why this blog?

Here comes your answer! At Rama University, we believe in interactive learning rather than a one way mode of teaching. We believe there is a lot that can be explored beyond the boundaries of class rooms. Our motto behind this blog to provide our students, staff, experts and faculty members a platform where they can inform, interact and share in an informal but dignified manner and thereby strengthening our dynamic learning and working environment. In a long run we see this platform as an online knowledge society where the young minds would be nurtured through a global connect.

What is in the menu?

Well, we would be blogging about anything and everything that is of your interest and concern such as events and activities happening at university campus, academic updates, and students’ achievements, life experiences of faculty members, administrative staff and students that worth sharing and so on.

In fact, we would like to read from you that what would you prefer to be served here? Please inform us about your preferences and choices at blog@ramauniversity.ac.in. We would try our level best to accommodate your suggestion.

What is your role?

Choice is yours! You can be both the writer and reader of this blog. Yes! You read absolutely correct. As we clearly emphasized in the earlier lines as well, we want a DIALOGUE instead of a monologue. If you think you have something that worth sharing then forget giving it a second thought just shoot an email to blog@ramauniversity.ac.in and inform or entertain your very own world.

Your feedback is really valuable for us. Do comment whatever you feel like. The only request is that you make sure that your language is decent and according to public etiquettes.

Looking forward to connecting,

Team Branding,
Rama University.

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