Life sciences and biotechnology are the key areas to boost the growth of industrial sector and also to make the agriculture sector sustainable. The need of it is, the solutions are found for better health, environment, sanitation, exploration and exploitation of aquatic and marine resources, through knowledge economy. It is era to develop devices, products, processes and tap bio-diversity and utility of traditional knowledge for the holistic development through affordable technology. With help of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and knowledge generation, challenges in technology frontier can be addressed by bringing excellence and innovation through research and development. Vast opportunities …

Maternity Benefit Scheme for Pregnant Women

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address  to the nation on December 31, 2016, announced that Rs 6,000 will be transferred directly to the bank accounts of pregnant women who undergo institutional delivery/and vaccinate their children. He said it was a new scheme.

  • The scheme will provide financial aid of Rs 6,000 to pregnant women who undergo institutional delivery for hospital admission.
  • The sum is also meant to help with their child’s vaccination, as well as nutritional food.
  • The scheme will be floated across 650 districts of the country.
  • The money will be directly transferred to the bank accounts of

How To Sneak in A Workout With Busy Schedule

Working ridiculously long hours has become the norm and thanks to tech we never truly escape it. Work is with us almost all of the time. That makes the free time we do have rather scare and super precious.

20 minutes of exercise a day is probably one of the best investment you will ever make that means the “extras” of life such as regular exercise suffer. Exercise becomes something we would like to do rather than something we find time t do. But guess what?  For a workout to be beneficial, you don’t need to spend hours at it. …

Blog on Health Sciences- A Boon to Medical Aspirants

After completing undergraduate degree in Medical stream, students often fall in a dilemma to proceed with what? The only thing that a newly passed medical graduate is left with confusion between practice or to go for post graduate study. What is the reason to take this decision? Lack of confidence is the reason known because a medical graduate is not confident enough to go for private practice, starting his own clinic, hospital or a health centre. Do every year medical graduates looking for Admissions in post graduate course get seats in the colleges of their own choice? No, students willing …