Working ridiculously long hours has become the norm and thanks to tech we never truly escape it. Work is with us almost all of the time. That makes the free time we do have rather scare and super precious.

20 minutes of exercise a day is probably one of the best investment you will ever make that means the “extras” of life such as regular exercise suffer. Exercise becomes something we would like to do rather than something we find time t do. But guess what?  For a workout to be beneficial, you don’t need to spend hours at it. To be fit and healthy, you need around 150 – minutes of activity a week- that’s a little over 20-minutes a day (not including warming-up and cooling down). That’s enough to even help you lose weight!

So lets translate this into real terms. Exercising for a mere 20 minutes a day will help you slim down, firm up, make you healthier, stronger and more energetic. Not only are you reaping massive rewards, but in the end you are also saving tie. How? By cutting down the time you need to get dressed (trying to hide your belly and other body parts, or squeezing into clothes that really don’t fit – totally tie consuming!) ; because you are less likely to get sick; and since you no longer feel beat half way through the day, you are more productive and efficient. If we were to do the math, you are probably doubling the return on the time you invest exercising.

20 minutes of exercise a day is probably one of the best investment you will ever make! And we will show you how you can squeeze a workout into even the most hectic schedule.

Workout at lunch time

If you normally have lunch at your desk or, worse still, skip lunch altogether, you are missing out on a great workout opportunity that will increase post –lunch productivity (if you need a slightly longer lunch break don’t forget to tell that your boss). A quick walk, run or a session in a nearby gym  can leave you revitalized, pumped up, and ready to work hard all afternoon.

Do mini-workouts

Lots of people have an unnatural hang up with workouts that last minutes and consider anything less to be pointless. But 60 is not the magic number. Yes 60 minutes workouts are great. But if you don’t have this amount of free time available, shorter workouts are absolutely worth doing.

Short bouts of cardio such as power walking, running and jump rope, few sets of pushups, squats, lunges and sit-ups spread throughout your day quickly adds up to something  quite significant- a seriously effective workout.


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