While it’s been a week that most of us are already into our shoes of 2015, some of us are still struggling with how to actually make a difference in life with a New Year, a new 2015! NEW YEAR! As soon as we hear this word, our hearts are filled with shouts of “Happy New Year” all around and with glitzy images of a sky lighted with crackers. It is the New Year that brings with it a new hope for the upcoming time. It gives an opportunity to leave behind our regrets and failures of the past and begin afresh!

With all these party moments, New Year has been seen lately as an idea to resolute something that you have been wanting to do since long. New Year’s Resolution is a sort of To-Do list which we all want to accomplish in the upcoming year. They may be some long forgotten goals, some little dreams, some places to visit, or a good deed for somebody else. As a student, if you are still struggling to pursue yourself up to something in this year, you may consider the following most commonly taken up resolutions.

Be More Organized:
Everybody today is trying to “stick to the plan”. We are all rushing crazily in our lives, somewhere or the other. Amongst all this chaos, why not try to calm down a little and be more organized, which will not only make our routine simpler but we’ll also be happier and sorted.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone:
It is a fact that magic happens as soon as you step out of your comfort zone. Put that “little extra” in everything you want to do and see the things turning your way. Getting out of your comfort zone will not only help you achieve better results but also make you aware about how strong a person you are.

Be optimistic
If good times don’t last, so won’t the bad ones. You scored badly in Maths? Had a tiff with a friend? Don’t worry. Maintain your faith in everything you do and you will eventually be happy.

No matter what, you always have enough time to Exercise. It’s time to stop deferring your health and those bulges because of the lack of time in your schedule. An exercise of 30 minutes a day can really help you stay fit.

Do what you love:
Be it playing the guitar, learn photography or playing badminton. Don’t forget to include what you love to do in your list of To-Do list this year.

Serve the Society:
This is a very commonly taken up new year’s resolution. While finding time from your schedule for “unknown” people is a big thing. Serving society will give you inner happiness and peace. It may be in the form of donating old clothes or teaching poor children.

Though it is the most common notion, that sticking to the New Year’s resolution is not everyone’s cup of tea; still, making one and trying to abide by it does no harm. Trying to pursue what you have wanted to do since long will make you happier and will give a kick start to the New Year in the true sense of it!
Happy 2015. 

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