Research & Development




SN Research Work Incentive
Monitory Remarks
1 Books 20,000 (Rewards) Sole Author - 20,000 Author & Co-Author- 15,000 and 5,000
2 Reputed Journal 5000 As per norms (Refer Annexure I A)
3 UGC Journal 2000 As per norms (Refer Annexure I B)
4 Copyrights 5000 If Author & Co-Author- 3000 and 2000
5 Conferences/Workshops 100% of Registration Fees for faculty Approval letter from Dean is required to process the fees.
6 Patents 10000 After Publishing
7 Books Chapter 2000 With reputed publisher
8 Projects/Patents/Copyrights/Trademark Revenue Sharing- 75% : 25% As per University Norm
9 MOU TA/DA Appreciation letter
10 FDP DL with T&C As per HR Policy
11 Faculty Award 5,000 - 10,000 International - 10,000, National - 5,000
12 Peer Review Committee 50,000/30,000/1000USD As per University policy (Refer Annexure II)

Rama University Journal of Medical Sciences (RUJMS)
1. An Incentive of Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) for articles published in RUJMS (Rama University Journal of Medical Sciences) shall be given to First Author of "Original Articles" only.
2. Only Five Best "Original Articles" shall be published in each issue of RUJMS. The decision of editorial board will be final in selection of articles to be published.

Note: For extra-ordinary work and contribution to R&D Cell, an Appreciation Letter by Honorable Chancellor will be granted along with aforementioned rewards

Annexure 1

(A) For any author who publishes there paper in any reputed journal with the position 1st as an author will reward with the 5 thousand as incentives

(B) In a UGC journal author also secure the first position as an author for this incentive




The primary objective of the proposed incentive scheme is to motivate the faculty Members of our University to undertake quality research, consultancy, and other research work.

Related Activities

  • All faculty members are encouraged to do research.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to apply for seed money from funding agencies or industries relevant to their field of interest.
  • The management will consider seed money for the research projects if the proof of concept is established by the faculty.
  • Faculty members shall be permitted to attend conference/workshop relevant to their field of research in India or Abroad with on-duty leave. The registration fee shall be reimbursed.
  • Partial financial support may be provided for the faculty members who are invited as a keynote speaker/plenary lecturer in conference/seminar, etc and if financial support is not provided by the organizers or any other funding agencies.
  • Faculty members shall apply for the travel grant to the funding agencies.
  • An increment benefit will be provided to faculty/staff members for their contribution to research work.
  • The incentives will be granted for the faculty members who received research grants from various funding agencies

Policy for Research and Consultancy Projects

  • The Institute follows a unique Incentive scheme to reward the faculty for the Research and Consultancy Project works carried out in the respective year. This scheme is introduced by the Management to impart research culture and to motivate faculty towards identifying new innovations. The incentive scheme is as per the table below.
  • The consultancy work will be carried out under the research cell of Rama University, Kanpur UP.
  • The revenue generated will be deposited in the Institution account. This is done to avoid misuse of funds. The Institute will provide the remuneration to the respective faculty as per the below chart, based on the revenue generated after the completion of every consultancy work.
  • The students should be motivated towards participation in industrial consultancy projects.
SN Category Name Percentage of Share
1 Research Funding and Funded Projects from Apex Body, R & D Organizations, Industry MOU, University, etc.,) Principal Investigator 2% of the Received Fund only upon submission of Utilization Certificate (UC)
2 Research Funding and Funded Projects (from Apex Body, R & D Organization, Industry MOU, University etc.,) All Co-investigators Total of 1% on Received Fund (only upon submission of Utilization Certificate (UC))
3 Research Funding and Funded Projects (from Apex Body, R & D Organization, Industry MOU, University etc.,) Contribution to the Institution Actual cost incurred to establish the facility / procurement of equipments from the allotted fund.(assets registered under the Institution)
4 Consultancy and Testing services Individual / Team Ratio of 60:40 is shared   between Institution and Individual / Team.
5 Patent (US /  Overseas / Indian) Author(s) Ratio of 50:50 will be shared only on  commercialization  of the Patent 


  • This policy applies to all faculty and staff of Rama University, Kanpur UP.
  • The faculty members involving in the conduct of a consultancy service can avail on-duty for industrial visit and meeting industry person for discussion related to consultancy work.
  • The faculty or staff must ensure that the consultancy work does not create a conflict of interest with the role of the faculty in the University.

Circumstances under which consulting activity may be permitted

  • The organization requiring consultancy services from faculty or the department shall write to the research cell indicating the expertise required.
  • The principal on receiving the request from the organization shall inform to the department concerned.
  • The head of the department shall nominate the faculty or a group of faculty having the required expertise and get permission from the Dean.
  • In considering whether or not permission will be given for consulting activity, the Dean will take into account such factors as the compatibility of the activity with the responsibilities and commitments of the faculty member(s), potential conflicts of interest and the use of institution resources.
  • An MoU may be signed between the organization and the department towards the nature of consultancy work and the commercials involved in the presence of the Dean.
  • The faculty or a group of faculty engaged in the consultancy work shall periodically report the progress of the consultancy work to the research cell through the head of the department.
SN Particulars Faculty Management
1 Use of institute space and or equipment 20% 80%
2 For providing solutions/expertise to problems of the industry 30% 70%

Research Papers & Guidelines:

(Research paper for incentive/ grant /TA/DA/Fund must comes under these points)

1-Research papers (in related area/subject) published in recognized and reputable journals and periodicals, having ISBN/ ISSN numbers.

2- Conference proceedings (in related area/subject) as full papers, etc. (Abstracts not to be included).

3- Text/Subject or Reference Books (in related area/subject) published by International/National publishers / State and Central Govt. Publications with an established peer review system and ISBN/ ISSN numbers.

4- Chapter in Text/Subject or Reference Books (in related area/subject) published by International/National publishers / State and Central Govt. Publications with an established peer review system and ISBN/ ISSN numbers (Chapter in self-Edited volume should not be considered)

5- Text/Subject or Reference Books/ Journals Edited (in related area/subject) and published by International/National publishers / State and Central Govt. Publications with an established peer review system and ISBN/ ISSN numbers

6- Books translated (in related area/subject) and published by International/ National publishers / State and Central Govt. Publications with an established peer review system and ISBN/ ISSN numbers

7- Chapters (in related area/subject) contributed to edited knowledge based volumes published by International/National publishers / State and Central Govt. Publications with ISBN/ ISSN numbers (Chapter in self-Edited volume should not be considered)

8- Popular article (in related area/subject) in proceedings/ newsletter of learned bodies/ societies or Newspaper article in area of interest.

The Research Score for papers would be augmented as follows:
Joint Publication:
(a) Two authors: 50% of total value of publication for each author.
(b) More than two authors: 70% of total value of publication for the First/Principal/Corresponding author and 30% of total value of publication for each of the joint authors. Joint Projects: Principal Investigator and Co-investigator would get 50% each.

Travel Polices:

Project Investigators and consultants are permitted to visit on field work, attend meetings conferences, seminars and workshops, within the country, utilizing the funds of the project /
Consultancy, subject to provision, with prior permission of the Director, Rama University or by the University authorities on the recommendation of the Dean/Research cell etc. All the visits of project and consultancy staff, including for promotional visits and for project presentation, shall be approved by Director/Registrar Rama University. The claim bill towards, the visits within 200km (to and fro) distance from the institution may be admitted with the prior approval of the concerned Head of the Department.

All travel related to projects will be treated as on duty. AII travel related to Consultancy and testing will be treated as special casual leave to which the faculty Member/staff is entitled. Travel related to the project, Consultancy, Testing of the Departments will be permitted by Director of University. Their requests are to be routed through the Head of the Department to the Research cell (in the prescribed form). The principal investigator of projects
Must take care of the total expenditure for travel shall not exceed the amount, allotted under
This head in the project. With regard to claiming of taxi I auto fare the actual can be claimed
for traveling to / from the Airport / Railway Station with due certification of the receipt..
TA & DA norms for faculty members wherein expenses are booked under the head Projects & Consultancy the DA settlement will be as per the guidelines given below:


By Train: Up to 2 tier A/C (Ticket should be produced.)

By Air: As per eligibility (Boarding pass should be produced). If the flight ticket is booked through a travel agent, Service charge paid by the agent can also be claimed.

By Road: If private vehicles are hired, original printed and stamped receipts along with printed trip sheet with vehicle number will only be accepted. For field visits, if the journey commences from Kanpur, effort should be made to hire the vehicle through Logistic Centre. Written permission to hire a vehicle should be obtained from the university before the journey.

By Train: 3 AC train fare on actual can be borne by the institute with prior permission.

Accommodation will be reimbursed for actual expenses on production of receipts.

Expenses: For Projects sponsored by Govt. Funding agency / CTDT: Actual Bills to be furnished subject to a maximum of Rs 3,000/- for class A cities and Rs. 2,000/- for other places or in case of no bills available, Rs 500/- for 'A' Class cities and Rs.1,000/- for other places will be reimbursed as a lump sum

Projects supported by Pvt., funding agency and for consultancy: The amount will be reimbursed based on the actual expenses on production of receipts. Boarding charges of Rs. 1000/- per day lump sum will be offered. Apart from this, any other incidental charges should be informed. The The number of days should be informed in advance to the research cell of the Rama University and written permission should be obtained for the same.

TA & DA for Project/consultancy staff, Students involved in Projects/ consultancy and Technical staff wherein expenses are booked under the head Projects & Consultancy shall be reimbursed for their travel and accommodation expenses based on their certification/ recommendation by the consultants/investigators.

Journey: By Train: Sleeper class for Field Assistant / Technical Assistant / Project In-Charge.

Number of Days: The number of days should be informed to the CTDT office in the advance and written permission should be obtained.

Registration Fees

When a registration fee is payable documentary evidence, i.e. conference brochure should be enclosed. The Registration fee will be drawn by cheque/DD in favor of the organizers/conference account and handed over to the investigator participant the project Investigator/consultant may also make payment of registration fee directly and claim Reimbursement later producing the documentary evidence.

Advance for TA/DA

When an advance for travel is required, it should be specifically mentioned in the TA/DA Approval request and in the case of Air Travel a copy of the Performa invoice for airfare /train ticket/e-ticket should be enclosed.

Refreshment and Hospitality Expenses

Contingent grant in projects can be used for refreshment expenses and to meet the local conveyance, accommodation and hospitality expenses for visiting members and review teams. The reimbursement will be based on the submission of the original bills with certification by the investigator professional body or member.


All MOU's relating to Projects, Consultancy, Testing, and Training will be processed by The Director and placed in the Syndicate for approval. The MOU's will be signed by the Registrar, Rama University. All Memoranda “of agreements/contracts for consultancy work shall be signed by the Consultants with the prior approval of Director Rama University.


When a consultant would like to keep a portion of his consultancy, testing fee with the University for other purposes, then he is permitted to deposit it in the Professional Development Fund (Rama University Account). Individual accounts will be maintained by the Centre for all faculty members belonging to the Department / Centre for contributions through both Consultancy and sponsored projects. This amount can be utilized for the purposes such as travel, visits abroad, telephone expenses, professional body membership, health & accident insurance during India and abroad, refreshments and hospitality expenses relating to projects and consultancy as detailed below.

1. TA / DA, taxi fare and registration fee for attending a conference / workshop / symposium / Seminar/meeting etc., or deliver an invited lecture (subject to the sanction of appropriate leave by the competent authority) to a place in India or abroad and for making exploratory visits for Further sponsored research/consultancy work, with advance approval of Director Rama University.

2. Purchase of professional Books, journals, stationery including computer stationery, Software or data on any storage medium.

3. Equipment/ Electronic Gadget, Mobile Phones, Laptop, Palmtop, iPod can be purchased and taken into the stock register of the University.