Scholarship Scheme

Rama University is a leading private institution that strives to empower students to reach their full potential. Offering a diverse range of courses and academic programs, we provide a platform for scholars to build promising careers. As a non-profit organization, Rama University places a strong emphasis on innovation and research to ensure that students are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in their respective fields.

At Rama University, we are committed to the holistic development of our students, enabling them to achieve their goals and pursue their dream careers. To support this mission, we offer various scholarship programs that attract brilliant scholars like you to our excellent curricula and pedagogy. Our admission process and curriculum are regularly updated and designed to align with the latest educational trends, ensuring that our students receive the best possible education.

 Category Scholarships

One of the most significant aspects of Rama University's approach is its focus on scholarship programs. The university has launched several special scholarship policies that aim to provide financial assistance to students from various backgrounds. These categories include Wards of Defence Personnel, Divyang (Differently Abled), Single Girl Child, Siblings/Staff Member, NCC (B or C Certificate), Sports (State/National Player), and Merit-Based (UG/PG/B.Tech.). Rama University firmly believes that every student should have the opportunity to discover and choose what they want to pursue. By offering these special scholarship programs, the university aims to make education accessible and affordable for everyone. These scholarships not only provide financial support but also serve as a source of motivation for students to excel in their academic pursuits.

Wards of Defence Personnel
Physically Challenged
Single Girl Child
Siblings / Staff Member
NCC (B or C Certificate)
Sports (State/National Player)

 Merit Scholarships

Rama University offers a platform for meritorious scholars to strengthen their academic endeavors by providing a range of merit scholarship programs. These programs offer unique opportunities for students with outstanding academic records to further excel in their studies. Our merit-based Scholarship Policy, which provides a waiver in tuition fees for UG Courses and B. Tech Programs, is designed to support the educational aspirations of the future generation. 

For Undergraduate Courses

Students securing 60% and above in their Any State/ CBSE, ISC Board Exams / CUET Score.

For Postgraduate Courses

Students securing 50% and above in their Exams from any recognized University.

For B. Tech Programs Only

Students securing 60% and above in their Any State/ CBSE, ISC Board Exams / JEE Mains Percentile.

 RUET Scholarships

Rama University offers scholarships to students who excel in the Rama University Admission Test (RUET). These scholarships are designed to recognize and reward the academic achievements of students who demonstrate exceptional performance in the entrance exam. The RUET-based scholarships cover a range of disciplines and levels, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. By offering RUET-based scholarships, Rama University aims to attract the best and brightest students who are committed to academic excellence. These scholarships not only provide financial support to students but also motivate them to strive for greater academic success. Furthermore, they encourage students to pursue their passions and contribute to the development of their communities.

Scholarship for Special Categories

S. No. Eligibility Criteria Scholarship
1 Wards of Defence Personnel 25%
2 Sports (State/National Player) 25%
3 NCC (B or C certificate) 25%
4 Physically Challenged 25%
5 Sibling Scholarship 25%
6 Single Girl Child Scholarship 15%
7 Rama Staff Member 15%

Merit Basis Scholarship for UG Courses

S. No. Any State/CBSE,ISC Board/CUET Score Scholarship
1 60%-64.99% 10%
2 65%-69.99% 15%
3 70%-74.99% 20%
4 75%-79.99% 25%
5 80%-84.99% 30%
6 85%-89.9%* 40%
7 90%-94.99%* 50%
8 95%-100%* 100%

Merit Basis Scholarship for PG Course

(MBA,MCA,M.Sc,(Biot/Fst) MJMC,MCOM & M.Tech,LLM, Msc AG only)

S. No. Any Recognized University Scholarship
1 60%-64.99% 10%
2 65%-69.99% 15%
3 70%-74.99% 20%
4 75%-79.99% 25%
5 80%-84.99% 30%
6 85%-89.9% 50%
7 90%-94% 80%
8 95%-100% 100%

B. Tech Program Only

Any State/ CBSE, ISC Board Exams / JEE Mains Percentile

S. No. CBSE, ISC Board/ JEE Mains Percentile Scholarship
1 55%-59.99% 10%
2 60%-64.99% 15%
3 65%-69.99% 20%
4 70%-74.99% 25%
5 75%-79.99% 30%
6 80%-84.99% 35%
7 85%-89.9% 50%
8 90%-100% 100%

RUET Scholarship

For program only

S. No. RUET Score Scholarship
1 50%-59.99% 15%
2 60%-69.99% 25%
3 70%-74.99% 30%
4 75%-79.99% 35%
5 80%-84.99% 50%
6 85%-89.99% 60%
7 90%-94.99% 90%
8 95%-100% 100%

RUET Scholarship

For other than program only

S. No. RUET Score Scholarship
1 50%-59.99% 10%
2 60%-64.99% 15%
3 65%-69.99% 20%
4 70%-74.99% 30%
5 75%-79.99% 40%
6 80%-84.99% 50%
7 85%-89.99% 60%
8 90%-94.99% 90%
9 95%-100% 100%


1. Scholarships are not applicable for the courses under the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Paramedical Sciences, Faculty of Dental Sciences, Faculty of Ayurveda, and Faculty of Nursing.

2. If the student is eligible for more than one scholarship then only the highest one will be applicable. One student may avail of only one scholarship offered by the university throughout the course.

3. Relaxation of 50% tuition fees for our students in academic programs for existing students to promote Higher study in the university itself..

4. 15% seats will be reserved for the meritorious students who secure > 85% in the 12th/ Entrance test / interview or the qualifying exam.

5. Continuation of academic scholarship is subject to the following conditions-

The student must maintain 60% or above marks in their respective academic years.

The student must maintain 75% attendance.

In case any back paper is found, a 20% decrement in the academic scholarship will take Place.

The student should not be found indulging in any disruptive / unethical / Unruly or disorderly activity this will call for Immediate discontinuation of academic scholarship throughout the course duration.

6. Every student eligible to avail 100% tuition fee scholarship will have to qualify for RUET as well to avail of the same..

Merit List Criteria:

Merit list will be prepared based on the admission criteria as provided in the Program details, subject to the weightage for different components/parameters as decided by the University from time to time.

The rank allotted to each applicant shall be different. In case of two applicants securing equal marks in the Eligibility Test / Written Test / Interview, as applicable, the applicant with the higher marks in the qualifying exam shall be given preference. If the tie
           still exists, then the applicant older in age shall get priority.

Inclusion of the name of an applicant in the merit list, shall not ipso facto, entitle him to secure admission.

The merit list will be displayed, on the notice board at the Admission Office at the University Campus and on the University Website.

How to Apply?

1. The benefits of any of our Scholarship schemes will be available on a First-Come-First-Serve basis.

2. To avail of the benefit of the scholarship scheme, the applicant has to fill out the above online application form.

3. Once the application is approved; submit a copy of their ID Cards and the complete employment details to the University Admission Counsellors during the admission.

    4.  List of selected students will be displayed on the notice board at the Admission Office at the University Campus / Website.


    If you’ve any queries or concerns, we request you to connect with our admission counsellors to gain better clarity and understanding.


    Scholarships will be awarded on a first come first served basis, so an early application is recommended.