Future Plans

At Rama, we believe in a promising future and for that we have set some goals, which are achieved by everyday efforts and dedication -
  • To offer an educational experience which will widen participation and support students from different parts of the world.
  • To be a truly world class University in every aspect of teaching, research, innovation, technology and community service.

These important goals continue to be the core of the future of Rama University. However, in a world that is now globally connected and where excellence and new ideas are available at the touch of a button, we ensure that engagement and innovation 'anywhere' and 'everywhere we are' is grounded in all aspects of Rama’s life - its teaching, its research and its enterprise - to enable our students and staff to thrive and to excel.

Our dream is to be a university of high standards, recognized for our contribution to the global academy and human knowledge, with a size and scale to sustain our distinctive academic endeavor for the future. The future path includes-

  • Growth impact

    Rama has been on a successful path of growth in both student and staff numbers since 1996 and we aim to continue to grow significantly over the course of our strategy. Achieving this growth is important because we:

  • Believe it is right to increase the utilization of our knowledge and research into local and global benefits.
  • Want more people to have the opportunity to benefit from the excellent teaching and learning we provide at Rama.
  • Want to sustain and develop our research, ensuring we achieve the 'critical mass' of staff and students needed to be internationally competitive.
  • Want to develop new areas of research and teaching and to make Rama both a competitor and an attractive partner for new research and academic initiatives.
  • Wish to ensure our financial sustainability, and increase our financial resilience and institutional autonomy.

As we grow, we remain committed to being a comprehensive university, undertaking research, teaching and learning across the arts and humanities, social sciences, sciences and medicine.

  • Quality

    Maintaining and enhancing academic quality in research, teaching and learning is our overriding priority, and we improve the performance of all our activities to support this vision. Academic quality involves the creation and sharing of original and significant knowledge, produced with rigor, integrity and creativity through research, teaching and learning.

  • Quality impact on research

    As a research-led university, the quality of our research underpins our entire academic endeavor. Our research quality is recognized by strong performance in the Research Excellence Framework and similar future exercises. To secure and enhance this quality for the future, we have:

  • Critical mass in key research areas.
  • Research that has high impact identified through its use and public recognition.
  • An increase in our research income; and
  • An improvement in our facilities, structures and support.

We also develop mechanisms to increase the impact of our research on the economy, health, society, culture, technology and public discourses, and fully communicate and celebrate our positive impact in these areas.

We continue to innovate in curriculum design to create a learning experience for our students that maximizes their opportunity to deepen and broaden their knowledge and skills. We develop new course structures that facilitate breadth and depth of study, use technology to enrich the student experience, and ensure that our curriculum reflects our interdisciplinary traditions.

Readiness for employment is increasingly important for our students, and many want to help create a better world, as well as have a great career. We provide greater personal support for our students to develop their skills, drawing on best practices internationally, as well as creating an even higher profile for Rama among leading global employers.

Underpinning our success is a commitment to both academic and financial autonomy that ensures that we are in a robust position to determine our own direction as an institution in a rapidly changing environment.

  • Quality of teaching and learning

    At Rama, quality teaching occurs when led by researchers engaged in the discipline and in pedagogic practices. The curriculum will therefore continue to reflect the research interests of our academic staff and to be at the forefront of each discipline in terms of content and teaching methods.

  • Distinctiveness and autonomy

    Rama was founded as an explicit interdisciplinary university. As we grow in the coming years, we will reassert our claim to be the foremost among Indian universities for interdisciplinary endeavor. Creating new interdisciplinary approaches through our research and increasing opportunities for students to combine subjects in their studies, we will significantly enhance the place of interdisciplinary scholarship at Rama.