A message from our Chancellor

I am delighted that you are considering pursuing higher studies at Rama University. Going to University is an exceptional chapter of your life and it will change your life forever. The beginning of a journey……often we close our minds and with predefined notions and ideas, limit thy self within. I believe, the best way to teach is by learning yourself.

Dear Friends, I invite all of you to be a part of this journey. I welcome all of you to join us to grow together, learn together and evolve together. I invite those who wish to innovate, discover, decipher and expand beyond the horizons.

From the beautiful campus to the friendly community and the extracurricular programming to academic excellence, Rama University is a place where passions develop and leaders are made.The campus wants to celebrate with vigour and zeal in its every sphere of activity and eagerly awaits the mavericks of tomorrow. Looking forward to learning from you, “together”!

Dr. B. S. Kushwah

Rama University