Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences


Faculty Code- 08

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences cultivates critical and creative thinking skills, allowing students to better develop their oral and written abililies. With an emphasis on helping students to integrate their experiences and creativity with research and observation, our department encourages students to integrate pragmatic mastery with abstract reasoning.

Humanities courses are essential to the development of scientists who can communicate across academic disciplines and understand the cultural and political conditions that affect their work. Teachers refine the communication and analytical skills that will compliment the knowledge they gain within the scientific curriculum

Besides curriculum the department has its own club, The English Literary conducts various competitions like, Quiz, Extempore, Debate, Elocution, Essay Writing, Poetry Writing, Collage, and Calligraphy. As part of co-curriculum it organizes seminars or conference annually. It also encourages the students to participate in inter-collegiate competitions. The Department provides students with the vital training to meet the demands of global communication and helps them develop proficiency in English/French/Spanish/German. Besides the foreign languages and literature's, study and research in Indian languages and literature's, including English is also major focus.

An equally important input to the School's academic and research activities is provided by the Group of Philosophy which, in conformity with the inter-disciplinary ethos of RU, focusses in its programmes on the origin and development of philosophy within the framework of specific socio-historical contexts and conditions.

Key Employment Opportunities
  • introduction  to the cultures of the languages.
  • Intercultural  communicative   competence
  • Develops a range  of transferable   skills
  • Enhances  your employ-ability
  • Production   Incharge
  • Builds a solid foundation for further  study
  • Exploration .of inter and intra cultural  problematic   issues.