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Statistical Tools for Agricultural Data Analysis

Duration: 2 Weeks

Course Fees: INR 1500

Application End Date:15 July 2021

Course Commencement: 19 July 2021

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  • Data visualization, Heatmap, Dendrogram, etc.
  • ANOVA, Genetic parameters, Correlation & Path analysis, Multivariate is analyzing viz., PCA, Biplot, Hierarchical clustering based on different methods, Stability analysis, Factorial analyzing, Molecular data analysis, structure analysis, etc.
  • Var. Covar Matrices with ANOVA 
  • Genetic Parameters like Genetic - advancement h2, GCV%, PCV% etc.
  • D2 Statistics with Mahalnobis and Canonical Roots method, incl. Dendrograms, 2D/3D Plotting of Canonical Roots, Cluster Means, Cluster Distances, etc.
  • Stability Model Analysis 
  • (Eberhart & Russel / Perkins & Jinks / Freeman & Perkins) can also be computed from Mean data with EMS / SED / CD, with graphics.
  • Simultaneous Selection Indices including Restricted Selection with Economic Weights and graph.
  • Diallel Analysis

Griffing Method 1 and 2, Model I & II, including Hayman's Vr - Wr approach with Heterosis Table and relevant Graphs and F2 populations.

  • Line * Tester Analysis with Heterosis table and graphics.
  • Path Analysis 

with Partial R2 and R2 % matrix including Path Diagram 

  • Partial Diallel Analysis
  • Generation Mean Analysis     

Five, Six (Hayman) and three Parameter models, Joint Scaling Test (Cavalli) 

  • North Carolina Design 1
  • North Carolina Design 2
  • North Carolina Design 3
  • Augmented R. B. D
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Canonical - Roots method, including Dendrogram - Plotting, Cluster Means, Cluster Distances, etc., using Tocher method
  • Cluster Analysis with Average / Weighted Average / Single / Complete Linkage with Dendrogram plotting, Cluster Distances, and Cluster-Means with Absolute, Euclidean, and Euclidean2.
  • Principal Coordinate method 
  • Ward's Minimum Variance

Hands-on Software 

  • R programming/ R studio
  • Python (Anaconda; Jupiter Notebook)
  • Minitab 19.1
  • AGD R
  • GEA-R
  • DARwin 6.0
  • Microsoft excel



Dr. Suhel Mehandi

Contact No: 8795996666

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Criteria for successful completion: The registered students have to get a minimum of 50% attendance to get the course certificate.

Evaluation System: Assignment

Mode: Online.

Minimum number of enrollments to run the course: 10 participants

Eligibility: Young Researcher, Research scholar, Scientist, Assistant Professor, etc.

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  • Participants can understand the fundamentals of different software concerning the concept.
  • Participants can analyze their data with freely available statistical tools.
  • A deeper understanding of data which in turn publishing high impact factor research articles and better thesis.
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