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First Aid And Rescue Management

Duration: 30 Hours, 4 hrs/week

Course Fees: INR 1000/-

Course Commencement: November 2023

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Module-I: - Introduction to first aid and its management

  • Introduction
  • Definition of First aid
  • Aims and Objectives
  • Purposes of first aid and rescue management
  • Principles of first aid,

Module-II: - Emergency Management System

  • Introduction to rules to activate EMS
  • Assessing accidental scene and taking priorities
  • Describe the methods of DRSABCD

Module-III: -commonly seen first aid and management:

  • Enumerate commonly seen first aids and their management

Module-IV: -Methods of performing cardio pulmonary resuscitation:

  • Demonstration and re demonstration of CPR

Module-V: - Role of fist aider

  • Recognize the role of first aider
  • Outline the basic requirements of a first aid kit
  • Brief out the importance of first aid in schools

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Mrs. Sumiya
Associate professor, Faulty of Nursing, Rama University, Kanpur
Contact No: 8328365323s

Prof. Dr Jasmi Manu
Principal Faulty of Nursing, Rama University, Kanpur
Contact No:7052681528

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At the end of this course the participants will be able to:-

  • Define the first aid
  • List out the aims and objectives of first aid
  • Outline the principles of first aid
  • Enumerate the purposes of first aid
  • Discuss the rules to activate Emergency Management System (EMS)
  • Outline on assessing the accidental scene and taking first aid priorities
  • Enlist the common accidents and accidents we should be prepared
  • Describe the method of DRSABCD
  • Enumerate the commonly scene first aids
  • Demonstrate the CPR
  • Recognize the role of first aider
  • Outline the basic requirements of a first aid kit
  • Brief out the importance of first aid in schools
  • Apply the knowledge and skills necessary in safe guarding the lives of humans.

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  1. Medium of instruction: -English
  2. Mode of instruction: -Classroom/online mode/practical training
  3. This programme will start with minimum 20 participants and there is no maximum limit for enrollment. Interested candidates can approach to programme investigator for more information (given on last page)
  4. Course duration:- 30 Hours- (Th-20& Pr-10 hours), 4 hrs/week
  5. Registration/course fees:- 1000/-
  6. Courseware:- Course material is provided in printed/ electronic form
  7. Certification:- At the end of the programme the student will be awarded a certificate of course completion.
  8. List out prerequisites of course:- (if yes, please explain):-
  9. Attendance policy: - 80% for theory and 100% for practical attendance is compulsory.
  10. Evaluation system: Evaluation will be based on assignments, pre & post-tests, exams, practical contact hour& completion of project work.

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