Certificate Course in Geriatric Care & Rehabilitation Assistant


Geriatric Care & Rehabilitation Assistant (FPS CCGCRA -02)

Pre/Co Requisites : Essential completion of 10+2
No. of Seats: 25-30 per batch
Contact Hours:72 hours
Course duration: 3 months
Fee structure: Rs.1000/
Name of the Beneficiary: Rama College of Nursing and Paramedical Sciences
Account No: 696820100000009
IFSC Code: BKID0006968
Branch: Chaubeypur

Grading Method: Assessment and evaluation on the basis of Training Based on offline examination post completion of training

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The Geriatric Care & Rehabilitation Assistant program is a short duration skill based training program, with an objective to develop a pool of trained workforce which can be employed by diagnostic/ healthcare service providers to assist and rehabilitate the aging populations. Physical and psychosocial issues associated with aging will be discussed, as will strategies for promoting wellness and independent living.

Course Objectives:  GCRA curiculum is designed in keeping in view to produce Home Health Aid as Geriatric Care & Rehabilitation Assistant (GCRA)
At the end of the course the candidate will have a certification of the skills attained and would be eligible to perform following activities

  • Discuss & verbalize the role of a basic healthcare provider
  • Demonstrate basic healthcare needs of ambulatory conscious elderly people
  • Build a comprehensive knowledge base on basic issues in geriatric
  • Enhance their skill and capacities in counseling and management of age care institutions
  • Expose to various situations and innovative approaches in the field of ageing
  • Enhance their knowledge in resource management, advocacy and networking
  • Demonstrate techniques to maintain the personal hygiene needs of an elderly patient
  • Practice infection control measures
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform clinical skills essential in providing basic healthcare services
  • Promote safety, understand usage of protective devices and demonstrate precautions to be taken while usage of equipment and devices
  • Demonstrate professional behavior, personal qualities and characteristics of a Geriatric Care Assistant

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Geriatric Care Assistants (GCAs) usually work in a hospital and home/Old Age Homes environment and may be called by similar names such as Elderly Care Attendants, Nursing Aides. Internationally, they are usually called Nursing Assistants or Patient Care Assistants.

A. Nature of the proposed course: Proposed course is part of a new academic program, includes:

  • There shall be 3 months package of hands on skill practical training in Geriatric Rehabilitation (GR) aims to restore function or enhance residual functional capacity and improve the quality of life in older people, particularly those with disabling impairments and/or frailty.
  •  The practice of rehabilitation emphasizes function and wellbeing rather than just treating sickness. Rehabilitating older people helps them maintain their functional independence and raises their standard of living.
  • The duration of the programme is of three months duration i.e. October to December of a calendar year.
  • The Text material consists of PPT and video lectures

B. Advantages:

  • Student- Students will get to know about the various consequences and their value in geriatric patients. This course will enhance the patient’s feedback regarding physiotherapy being rendered to them and the students will enhance their knowledge and their practical exposure towards such patients which will ultimately enhance their learning and achieving goals in such patients.
  • Department- Starting this course will add to one of the good programs to its arena and shall be able to provide skilled hands to the job market and to community.
  • Community-Community at large is in need of such professionals which deal with geriatric care patients. With increasing population load and diseases in elderly patients enhances the need of this type of course, at patient’s door step shall be big help to community especially busy personal, old age patients and debilitated individuals confined at home.
  • The Text material consists of PPT and video lectures

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  • Learning opportunities of the geriatric care
  • Diseases of the geriatric patients and their necessities
  • Disease specific assessment of the elderly age group
  • Treatment strategies being adopted for such sort of patients.

Method of Evaluation:

  • The student will be evaluated on the basis of post course evaluation will be done offline examination after 3 months of course.
  • Student getting above 50% aggregate will be given certificate.

Time Line:

  • 3 months approximately from the date course started
  • Student getting above 50% aggregate will be given certificate.

Cost Involved:

  • Student ‘s fees=1000/
    (Rs. 250:- Registration fees & Rs. 750 - course fees)

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